National Police in Palma, Mallorca

The National Police, Guardia Civil and local police have all been looking for the teenagers.


Two of the five teenagers who ran away from a reception centre in Santa Maria on Friday were found by police at a party in Palma in the early hours of Sunday morning. Four of the five had tested positive for coronavirus.

Officers from the National Police and Palma police's 'Alazán' unit, which was set up to handle specific breaches of coronavirus restrictions such as illegal parties, went to an address in the Es Pil-lari district, having been advised that an illegal party was taking place. Two of the five teenagers - two 14-year-old girls - were among those in the house, which is a sheltered property, i.e. one operated by social services for minors in care.

The two girls were taken by ambulance to the centre in Santa Maria. Two of three boys remain unaccounted for, the fifth teenager having turned himself in on Saturday. He told police that the other three were somewhere in Palma.

The Council of Mallorca's Institute of Social Affairs says that the teenagers had completed their quarantine on the day that they ran away, indicating that they were no longer active coronavirus cases.


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a wake / Hace 9 months

Thank goodness someone else out there does their research and doesn't just drink the MSM kool-aid. Thanks for being a voice of reason (and science), Rich!


Rich / Hace 9 months

The sooner we all have it, or at least 76% of us the better. Don't bet on the vaccine, all the restrictions are for is to lessen the strain on the health service until we do eventually reach herd immunity.


Yogi / Hace 9 months

It’s now being reported that the children were clear of being infectious. So why all the big alarm? Why weren’t the police aware of this?


Zoe / Hace 9 months

For those who called searching for these kids waste of resources , Say what you wish but these kids are now have infected many others and have helped in spread of virus. Irresponsible behaviour leads to a situation which may lead us to another home confinement which would be absolutely awful.