Intensive care, Mallorca

A slight decrease in the number of intensive care patients.

17-01-2021Teresa Ayuga

The Sunday report from the Balearic health ministry states 450 new positive cases of coronavirus - 271 in Mallorca, 151 in Ibiza, 25 in Minorca and three in Formentera. The test rate is 11.05%; there were 4,072 tests.

On hospital wards, there are 21 more Covid patients in Mallorca, a total of 334. In Ibiza the number has risen by nine to 68. There are nine patients in Minorca, the same figure as on Saturday. In intensive care units, there are three fewer Covid patients in Mallorca - 105 - one fewer in Ibiza (12) and no change in Minorca (five).

Eleven more patients have been discharged from hospital. Of people who were being monitored by primary care, a further 351 have recovered. The total number of people being attended to by the health service is down two to 10,477. In Mallorca, the number being attended to by primary care (excluding hospital cases, therefore) is down a further 81 to 7,511.

The ministry has confirmed one more death - the total is 511.

According to the separate report that the ministry provides (one that isn't updated each day), there have been 43,862 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic (the daily report states 45,112). There are 10,299 active cases (lower than the number from the daily report) and 33,097 recoveries.

Although the figures from this separate report aren't up to date, they are given here in order to provide an indication of the recovery rate - 75.5%.


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rich / Hace 9 months David go to the above link. Its figures from an organisation, which is supported by the Bulletin.


Rich / Hace 9 months

My niece, a senior nurse in the uk, along with my sister both got covid at the same time they were quite ill but told to stay at home and take paracetamol and only seek medical if they had a high temperature or stated to hallucinate. Both were quite ill for a couple of days but survived. A good friend of mine who has had a heart condition was taken to hospital and tested negative for covid, he then got covid in hospital, did his quarantine time but sadly days a few days later. No doubt this will go down as a covid death.


David / Hace 9 months

I think it’s misleading (and wrong) to calculate the recovery rate as you have. Including active cases in the denominator when most of these will recover gives an artificially low recovery rate. The real recovery rate is over 99%