Spain is a big market.

Spain is a key market.


At least 10 shellfish lorries parked on roads near Number 10 Downing Street and the British parliament in central london this morning after a series of problems exporting fish to the European Union, mostly Spain, due to Brexit.

One lorry, with the slogan "Brexit Carnage", parked just metres from Downing Street - the official office of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Police were asking the lorry drivers for details.

Many Scottish fishermen have not been able to export their stocks to Europe since the start of the year after the introduction of catch certificates, health checks and customs declarations added lengthy delays to their delivery times, prompting European buyers to reject them.


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Majorca fan / Hace 9 months

European. Just to correct the U.K. left the European Union non of the 4 U.K. nations were ever members as independent entities. The U.K. has now as to say 3rd nation status. The fish issue paper trail will eventually be sorted and fish will be sold or not depending on the economics of demand. The eu unnecessarily lost its 2nd largest economy 16 % of gdp ,11% of its population largest financial centre because of lack of subtle flexibility


European / Hace 9 months

England (the other countries voted to remain in the EU) have voted for 3rd country status, and now they have it. They could have negotiated to stay in the customs union but dogma and nationalism won the day over common and economical sense. Unlike Majorca fan, I do not blame the EU, they have done nothing but what England wanted and asked for.


Majorca fan / Hace 9 months

Scotland has the fish Spanish want to buy the fish sounds simple. Enter eu bureaucracy Scots have wasted fish Spanish have no fish to eat. Answer Scots freezes fish and sell world wide Spain no fresh fish to eat and sell to tourists. Spain buys more expensive and inferior product from Denmark. Brexit is a fact the eu needs to live with that fact and smooth the fringe but important activities. Fishing is nothing in the U.K. economy so petty barriers only harm a few fishers. And Spain