Teatre del Mar, Palma. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


Teatre del Mar is making the most of being closed until the end of February because of the coronavirus restrictions, by renovating and improving the facilities.

“It’s essential to make these investments to update the theatre and the results will benefit everyone, including the property,” said Director Carles Molinet who pointed out that although the space is managed by the Fundació del Teatre del Mar, it belongs to the Obispat de Mallorca.

Air conditioning

One of the main issues at the theatre is the air conditioning which is to be given a total overhaul.

"Our current system works perfectly, but because of the coronavirus pandemic we believe it’s better to renew the ventilation system now,” said Molinet. “It’s about 15 years old so all the machinery will have to be changed, which will cost around 50,000 euros.”

While the current closures may not be great for the Theatre’s accounts, Molinet says they’re making the best of a bad situation.

"We have the opportunity now and it’s an important investment."

The exits and entrances and the signs inside and outside the theatre will also be improved or replaced.

Smaller audiences at Teatre del Mar over the last year have affected the box office and the budget, but Molinet says that for now they will forge on without issuing a crowdfunding campaign to cover the cost of reforming the theatre.

“That's something that's an option at times when the situation is extreme,” he says “and although we are in a delicate situation, at the moment it’s not extreme.