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Escorca City Council has been forced to shut down and all members of the Administrative Department are in quarantine after several people tested positive for coronavirus.

A message was posted on social networks confirming that the Council is closed but staff are working from home so the public are advised to phone, email or use the electronic office on the Council’s website at www.ajescorca.net if they need help.

”Last Thursday a member of the Administrative staff tested positive and a decision was made to test the other workers immediately," said Mayor Solivellas. "Three more positives were detected via these rapid tests, which confirmed that it was not an isolated case."

All those who've been in contact with a member of staff who's infected have been quarantined at home.

Over the weekend PCR-type tests were performed on other workers, including Mayor Solivellas and they are still waiting for the results. All of the Council's workers must isolated for 10 days as a preventive measure.

Mayor Solivellas confirmed that maintenance workers and the Local Police are working normally and the entire Administrative Department of the City Council is in quarantine but will be working from home.