Hairdresser in Spain. | EFE


At least a hundred Hairdressers and Beauty Centres have closed in the Balearic Islands since the coronavirus pandemic began, according to PIMEM’s President and Vice President, Rafel Rubio and Emilia Pasqual, who say turnover has fallen by 35%-40% due to the decrease in activity.

"Practically all the events that brought us work have been suspended," said Rubio who was referring to weddings, baptisms, communions and other festive events. “There were no special celebrations at Christmas either, which means hardly any backup personnel were hired and many businesses in the Sector still have employees in ERTE.”

Most of the hairdressers and Beauty Centres located in tourist areas haven’t reopened this year and although some may start up again if tourists start arriving many others have closed for good.


The Hairdressing Sector is one of many struggling to survive the pandemic and are demanding that the Central Government lower VAT from 21% to 10%.

We need help," said Rubio, who said that it’s the only Sector suffered a VAT increase in 2012, which has not been lowered.