The defendant received a fine of 360 euros.


On Monday, a Palma court fined an electric scooter user 360 euros for having knocked down an 80-year-old man in Palma in October 2018.

The incident occurred on the cycle lane on the Carrer Vicari Joaquim Ferrer. The defendant was riding his scooter on a two-way lane with a maximum speed of 30 kilometres per hour. At a pedestrian crossing near the junction with Carrer Gruta, he failed to slow down and ran into the 80-year-old, who was knocked unconscious and suffered bruises to an elbow, foot and hand. In addition, his glasses were broken.

The man needed a month to recover fully. The prosecution service had initially called for a four-month prison sentence and compensation of 1,329 euros. Prior to the hearing, defence and prosecution reached agreement, which resulted in the 360 euro fine for a charge of "mild negligence". Account was taken of compensation that the defendant had already paid.