End of the line for parks.

Children´s play areas on Pollensa beach.


The Pollensa council will have to remove the children´s play areas and picnic spot benches from Puerto Pollensa beach after a ruling from the Coastal Department. The council are said to be furious and have called for a re-think.

The Coastal Department made the decision after a report from the local ministry for the Environment. They say that the play areas and picnic spots could easily be moved away from the beach to another area.

Legislation says that only facilities which can´t be built in other areas are allowed to be constructed on the beach.


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Roger / Hace about 1 year

@JR...I agree with you wholeheartedly and I have met with government to try and explain to them what they should be planning, and to offer them my services....they are of course very pleasant, agree that all of the suggested items need to be done....THEN GUESS WHAT...correct, they do nothing or do (or say they will do) a long list of things that have no real relevance or impact but my guess is are all more politically motivated rather than economically prudent. This is what we are faced with sorry and I see no chance of improvement or a change in direction in the near future. So whilst Mallorca thinks it has such an unblemished reputation, it doesn't take much to realise that just below the surface there are so many issues. There are now many countries that offer a much better quality tourism product and are putting effort into developing a more sustainable product. Perhaps it will not be until these are seen to be taking valuable business from the Balearics that they will realise that the time has really come to evolve and not be so arrogant.


JR / Hace about 1 year

Roger - we too have been regular visitors for the past 20 years. The most worrying issue that never seems to be addressed is the annual spillage of sewage on the beaches. Don't you think this is far more important than moving playgrounds? We witnessed a spillage along the end of Pine Walk in 2019 and young children were in the water. As a tourism man you must recognise that infrastructure is critical and sewage spills are totally unacceptable. I have asked the editor to launch a campaign but that fell on deaf ears.


GrahamJ / Hace about 1 year

Move it to where for God's sake? The play area is right next to a chiringuito with an outside adjacent shaded seating area, a concrete pier juts out into the sea, adjacent are toilets, showers, plenty of litter bins, straw parasols with sunbeds, boardwalks out across the sand with a covered area for wheelchairs, an area of benches and picnic tables with tree shading, pedalo hire, a Spar plus an ice cream parlour both within 200 metres. The area is about 20 metres from the coastal road with plenty of local free parking

So who in it's right mind would want to destroy an area which both tourists and local return year after year, knowing the faculties will be there and also attract Euros which the locals rely on for their living... WHO? some clown or clowns sat in an air conditioned office contemplating just how they can c o c k up the enjoyment of others.... So where can it be moved? The area to the South on the way to Alcudia are long stretches of pebbled beaches with no cover... Better still, it could be moved up the r e c t a l passage(s) of those who are considering ANOTHER folly of anti-tourism


Roger / Hace about 1 year

This is a rather sad and pathetic story. Firstly, when there are so many other vastly more important issues to resolve why is this even on the current agenda?. Conversely, and more concerning, is that the 'tension' that exists between local and national government is one of its biggest problems that needs to be addressed. Spain likes to think of itself as being so sophisticated and knowledgeable in tourism but the national powers that be are sadly deluded and the local regime is even more devoid of knowledge and ideas. If it wasn't for proximity to important markets and a great climate, it would not be so successful, and they continue to believe their own 'bs' over product quality. As a regular visitor to Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa, and with tourism consulting being my business for many many years, it is incredibly frustrating to read that a lovely destination (and of course there can always be improvements) is making media news over minor issues like children's playgrounds - amenities that actually add to the value proposition not tale away from it...but will the government at all levels change, sadly almost certainly no.


GrahamJ / Hace about 1 year

That’s another nail in the coffin in respect of Goverment not giving what tourists enjoy doing. My spelling is poor and these aerosols belong in a circus