Call for Balearic Islands to be given vaccine priority. | Marta Pérez

The Balearic government wants the islands to be given priority when it comes to the vaccine to help relaunch the tourist industry.

During a meeting on Wednesday with other Spanish Provinces, Local Government Officials said that once "people at risk" had been given the vaccine then parts of the country with a big tourist industry should be given priority.

“Communities that have lost more GDP and suffered the harshest economic effects of the pandemic, such as those that are engaged in tourism need to be vaccinated before the summer," she insists.

The vaccination campaign is based on how many doses the country receives every week, which are administered according to target groups.

"We have a lower proportion of institutionalised people than others, so we receive fewer doses than other Autonomies with the same population and the reality is that there are fewer Healthcare Professionals and Nursing Home residents," she said.

From March, the over 90s will be immunised, followed by the over 80’s, then the over 70's and so on.

Minister Gómez has requested that the priorities be changed when vaccine availability increases and target groups are expanded.

Both Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca President, María Frontera and Association of Hotel Chains of the Balearics President, Gabriel Llobera have urged President Pedro Sánchez “to work to speed up the campaign" and to refrain from making statements that harm the Sector, such as saying 70% of the population won’t be vaccinated until the end of summer.

They also called for “a rescue plan for the Sector that involves the continuity of ERTEs and includes all the regulations necessary for Administrations to be able to reduce tax burdens."

No Curfew, No Lockdown

The Balearic Islands have also demanded that Madrid agree to modifications to the State of Emergency Decree so that the pandemic can be controlled.