Intensive care bed occupancy is high but the level is relatively stable. | Teresa Ayuga


The Thursday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 511 new positive cases of coronavirus, 213 in Mallorca, 243 in Ibiza, 38 in Minorca and 17 in Formentera. The test rate is 9.22% from 5,542 tests.

On the wards, there are 451 Covid patients in all - 334 in Mallorca (four more than on Wednesday), 104 in Ibiza (nine more) and 13 in Minorca (one more). In intensive care there are two more patients in Mallorca (108) and one more in Ibiza (17). There are three patients in Minorca.

Covid-19 graphic of new cases on the Balearic Islands

Of the recoveries, 25 people have left hospital and there are 462 others who were being monitored by primary care. In Mallorca, the number of people being attended to by primary care is down by 214 to 6,901. The health service is currently attending to 10,900 people in the whole of the Balearics. In addition to those in hospitals and the 6,901 receiving attention in Mallorca, primary care is attending to 2,858 people in Ibiza, 464 in Minorca and 98 in Formentera.

The ministry has confirmed one more death. The total is 539.