4,000 people attended the first Hospitality protest in Palma. | Jaume Morey


The Government Delegation has authorised the Palma protest against the closure of the Hospitality Sector which will convene at 11.00 in Parc del Mar on Friday.

The organisers asked for a motorised demonstration, which the event promoter, Víctor Sánchez says "was the only way to get the authorisation.”

The Government Delegation said the event could only go ahead providing all participants are in vehicles and that access points and normal operations at the Balearic Government headquarters are not disrupted.

"Attendees will not get out of the vehicles at any time during the event, groups of people walking on foot are not permitted at the beginning, anywhere on the route or at the end of the protest," they said.

They also pointed out that the event promoter must take the necessary measures to comply with all level 4 coronavirus restrictions, stressed that he is responsible for the event and said the promoter and all attendees must follow the instructions of the Security Forces and Police at all times.


The motorised demonstration will leave Parc de la Mar at around 11:00 and travel along Via Alemania, then the Avenidas before stopping at the Consolat de Mar. At least 30 Associations from different Sectors affected by the coronavirus restrictions have vowed to participate in the demonstration.

Víctor Sánchez has called for a peaceful protest.