PCR Test at Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid. | Darío González


Madrid is tightening its Covid restrictions for two weeks from this Monday to stem coronavirus infections.

People will only be allowed to meet with those they live with; the curfew is being brought forward by one hour to 22:00 and bars and restaurants must close at 21:00.

The new measures were announced by the Health Minister, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, Deputy Minister of Public Health & Plan Covid-19, Antonio Zapatero and Director General of Public Health, Elena Andradas.

"We are in a new scenario that forces us to change the rules of the game," said Minister Escudero.

Only pharmacies, medical establishments, veterinarians, petrol stations and places that provide essential services will be allowed to stay open at night.

Meetings in other people’s homes are prohibited except to accompany minors, the elderly or dependents with disabilities.

Groups are limited to four indoors and outside and customers are not allowed to eat at the bar.

Capacity is limited to 50% at Leisure Centres and Commercial Centres, 75% in theatres, cinemas and cultural facilities, 40% in multipurpose rooms, such as the Wizink Center, 75% on outdoor terraces and at centres for unregulated training.


Minister Escudero called on businesses to instruct employees to work from home wherever possible.

He also announced that the Ministry of Health has prepared the activation of the single health command, to organise all public and private hospital resources in the region as a single network and is demanding that the Government Delegation and Municipal Police monitor compliance with the new measures.

Anyone caught breaking the rules could be fined €600-€600,000.