President Armengol in Ibiza recently. | @F_Armengol

A poll of 900 people in the Balearics by the Balearic Institute of Social Studies shows that 62.2% disapprove of the Balearic government's handling of the health crisis; 30.1% approve.

The disapproval at national level is greater. The Spanish government receives 26.4% approval but 64.2% disapproval. For the health minister, Salvador Illa, his specific management rates 25.1% in favour and 67.8% against.

The Armengol government, the poll indicates, is felt to be improvising in the decisions it is making (70%) rather than planning these decisions well (22.5%). The measures taken have been ineffective (63.2%); 26.9% say the opposite.

The poll closed on Thursday last week, the day before the most recent protest against the government's measures as they affect the hospitality sector. The survey finds that 55.3% support protests but believe that it is unwise to do so; 22.3% favour protests despite their not being authorised; 17.8% do not support protests at all.

With regard to vaccination, 74% are of the opinion that 70% of the population will not be vaccinated before the summer. As to tourism, 43.7% believe that there will be a summer season but that it won't start until August or September; 19.7% say July; 27.9% feel that there won't be a season. The poll overwhelmingly finds that the public does not believe that the government is doing enough in planning tourism recovery this summer - 63.9% say this, while 19.3% believe that the government is working sufficiently in planning the recovery.

Just over half of those surveyed (54%) say that they will definitely have the vaccine; 33.2% prefer to wait for the results, while 12.8% say they won't have the vaccine. Two-thirds are in favour of resources such as the army and the private health sector being involved in the vaccination programme.