Another demonstration is planned for this coming Saturday. | Efe

The Resistencia Balear group has given the Balearic government two days to convene a meeting with those affected by Covid restrictions or resign.

The group says that, as of Sunday, the government has 48 hours to set a place, date and time for negotiation with the private sector for specific measures and urgent aid for all those affected by the health situation. If the ultimatum is not met, there will be another demonstration in Palma this coming Saturday.

Resistencia Balear says that if the only way to rectify the situation is by removing the government, "do not doubt that we will do this". The group refers to a "feeling of helplessness within a society that will not support more deception". A statement goes on to say that it is "no secret" that the government has a "socialist-communist project" that it promotes with partners who favour independence and which is generating "division in society, culture and customs". Moreover, the government wastes resources "on ideology and propaganda" that detract from real needs.

The meeting, the group insists, should be broadcast live "so that the whole of society is represented" and words cannot be manipulated.