The government in happier days before the crisis. | Archive


According to the opinion poll by the Balearic Institute of Social Studies which revealed a 62% disapproval of the government's handling of the pandemic, only one minister has a higher approval rating than in June, which was the last time there was a survey of this sort. The environment minister, Miquel Mir, goes up to four from 3.6 (out of ten).

All other ministers have lower ratings than in June or the same ratings. The education minister Martí March is still rated 3.7, and the agriculture, fisheries and food minister, Mae de la Concha, remains at 3.5.

In June last year, the two most highly rated ministers were Iago Negueruela (4.7) and Patricia Gómez (4.6). The minister for the economic model, tourism and employment has seen his rating fall to 3.7, while the health minister is down to 4.1. Despite this drop, Gómez has the highest rating of all ministers.

Areas of government that are rated most highly for management during the crisis are agriculture, fisheries and food (4.5 and 5.5). Those rated the lowest - 2.2 and 2.3 out of ten - are employment and tourism. Health is given a 3.5 rating, 60% of those surveyed believing that the management has not been effective.