Rodrigo Romero of Podemos in Palma. | Archive


Podemos in Palma have asked President Armengol to clarify whether the Balearic government has "carried out any practice similar to those we have seen in the rest of the State". The party is referring to cases where some political officials have jumped the queue and been vaccinated.

In a statement signed by spokespeople Rodrigo Romero and Sonia Vivas, Podemos are calling for "exhaustive control" of the use of the vaccine and for "transparent management" related to the administering of the vaccine, "so that citizens" can have access to this information.

The party describes the abuse of vaccination in other regions as "one more example of corruption to which we are accustomed by the hegemonic parties". On too many occasions, there are practices which "damage institutions and politics in general". Some parts of the media, Podemos complain, have put all parties in the same bag when it comes to this "institutional corruption". "For this reason, as we are not all the same, we ask the president for clarification."