Sebastià Taltavull, the Bishop of Mallorca. | Pere Bota


On January 5, the Bishop of Mallorca, Sebastià Taltavull, received a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. This was at the Sant Pere i Sant Bernat residence in Palma, which cares for senior and retired priests from the diocese.

The Balearic ministry of health has explained that the health service vaccinates people who are on lists provided by care homes and residences; they must be residents or workers. The Bishopric has confirmed that the list was prepared by the residence and in accordance with the health service criteria. Although the bishop is not a worker or resident, he was included on the list because he is "part of the coexistence unit" in that he has an apartment at Sant Pere i Sant Bernat. Although he doesn't live there, he can go whenever he wishes.

The Bishopric stresses that the bishop has "permanent contact with the residents". It also says that Sebastià Taltavull was vaccinated so as to "set an example" and "out of responsibility".

The bishop, who will be 73 on Thursday, says that he didn't ask to be vaccinated, although he is in a risk group because of his age. He adds that he is responsible for the residence and that Pope Francis "has urged us all to get vaccinated in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic". "When I was included on the list of people who should receive the vaccine, I didn't object and acted in good faith to set an example." He has also expressed his surprise regarding the leak of information that he was vaccinated.