Maria Frontera, President of the Hoteliers Federation.

Maria Frontera, President of the Hoteliers Federation.


The President of the Majorcan Hoteliers Federation, Maria Frontera., told the Bulletin this afternoon that she would like nothing better than to see British tourists back on their favourite holiday island.

"We miss you, and we want to see you again as soon as possible," she said. Frontera said that everything would be in place so that British tourists could enjoy a safe holiday on the island. "The tourist industry will be working night and day to ensure that everything is ready for you and the island looks its best...."

"We must be hopeful, we have the vaccine and let us hope that we can win the battle against the pandemic."

The President of the Hotel Federation urged the Balearic government to scrap the highly controversial tourist tax for this summer


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Steve, Son Maties / Hace 12 months

Better pull your fingers out and get us all vaccinated then, it can't happen until we're all protected. That's once the effectiveness of the vaccine has been proved that is, we're still waiting for that.


Juan love / Hace 12 months

You mean "We miss your money, and we're sorry for saying we don't want tourists now that we are desperate".


Johnf / Hace 12 months

No holidays 2021 so its time to now to plan for 2022


Majorca fan / Hace 12 months

I am sorry to say this but the eu vaccine fiasco will stop visits from U.K. to Europe and Spain in particular because of its traditional friendly links with the Brits. The additional notes from the eu leaders some of them from Spain’s political groups is very hostile and off putting. That attitude will have to soften before the Brits return to majorca. I know tourism is a business but relationships are important and unless the mood music improves there is a big world to visit. Stated as a friend to many in Mallorca


John / Hace 12 months

18 months ago the graffiti was anti tourism now you want us back. Its not the tourists you want its our money!


Andy / Hace 12 months

There is so Much Contradictory and confusing info coming from All the Governments and the lack of real serious interest in getting the tourists back there are many other places to go on Holiday besides Mallorca , This will take serious effort to get the situation back to Normal and actually don't see it happing for a LONG TIME !


Colin Allcars / Hace 12 months

There is certainly a lot of new grafitti to ‘welcome’ visitors should they decide to return, which is debatable given the EU’s attitude.


Stan / Hace 12 months

Get the Island virus-free and everyone to wear a Mask, or Tourists will not return.


JR / Hace 12 months

I wonder if the sewage on the beaches is also ready and waiting?