El Corte Inglés, Palma. | Ultima Hora


Large supermarkets in the Balearic Islands have been told by the Government that they can sell clothing and basic necessities, so that they can claw back some money from the sales.

The products they're allowed to sell include jackets, coats, underwear, accessories such as gloves and scarves, all childcare products, heaters and DIY utensils.

"With this change, it’s possible to expand the products on offer and mitigate the effects of the new restrictions,” said supermarket sources. “Some centres are more than 80% active, but others are struggling. There are centres that have fashion departments, but will remain closed until the end of the current period of restrictions.”

They also point out that if the level of contagion decreases, the Government must change the restrictions.

"The ultimate goal is to be able to maintain economic activity, so that the centres can gradually recover workers in ERTE," they added.

Small, medium and large businesses are demanding that the Regional Government lift the current restrictions as the level of contagion improves.

The current measures are scheduled to terminate at the end of January, but the indications are that they will be extended into February.

Employers say they understand that the first priority is health, but stress that the Government restrictions are suffocating and endangering companies and jobs.