Melicotó Gastronomy Map of Mallorca. | @melicotostyle/twitter


The three things that foreign tourists weigh up when they’re deciding whether or not to spend their holidays in Spain are gastronomy, climate and price, according to a new study.

Each region or community of Spain is known for its traditional dishes, cultural heritage and undeniable value and the Balearic Islands offer all three in abundance.

Mallorca’s reputation for fantastic gastronomy is growing worldwide, but the coronavirus pandemic has forced producers to target new markets.

Mallorca's soul is forged via the palate and Melicotó, the brand that exudes the pure essence of Mallorca, is paying homage to the Island's gastronomy.

A map showing where all the essential delicacies of Mallorca can be found has gone viral on social media websites, so take a look, because you might just be missing something fabulous!