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Gone fishin’ for a €35 delish meal in Palma

Some restaurants actually encourage their customers to ask for half dishes by printing the prices on the menu.

Andrew Valente18/10/2022 19:04

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3 Healthy Summer Salads... Big On Flavour!

The Lebanese fattoush salad is essentially a "bread salad".It's a simple recipe very similar in some ways to the local “Trampó” salad from Mallorca.

Marc Fosh06/09/2022 10:48

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What is your favourite Mallorcan dish?

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Cucumber soup.

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Cool down with cucumber soup

Cucumbers and yoghurt are especially refreshing when combined, but the effect is compounded with the addition of lemon and mint, as is shown in this soup.

Andrew Valente08/08/2022 12:51

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Gazpacho… Here comes the sun!

Gazpacho is a breeze to make and keeps well for 2-3 day's in the refrigerator without a problem.

Marc Fosh18/07/2022 12:13

A refreshing lime sorbet

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When the heat gets too high try sorbets

Some Mallorcans like to take their granizados through a straw before eating it with a spoon in the final stages.

Andrew Valente18/07/2022 11:26

Cold fruity soup

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Cold liquids time comes round again

Any dish that keeps us away from the cooker always has loads of appeal for those who do the cooking.

Andrew Valente25/06/2022 12:00

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Sardinas… para chuparse los dedos!

“Espetos de sardinas” are one of the most appreciated delicacies by locals and tourists alike in beach bars and restaurants all along the extensive coast of Malaga.

Marc Fosh10/06/2022 12:00

Sunflower oil supplies being affected by Ukraine war

Sunflower oil supplies being affected by Ukraine war

Sunflower oil is one product affected.

Jaume Morey 08/03/2022

Almond, honey & yoghurt cake

Almond, honey & yoghurt cake

Almond, honey & yoghurt cake

Marc Fosh 22/11/2021