El Canal de Minorca. | Gemma Andreu


February kicked off with a yellow weather warning for stormy seas and high winds in Mallorca and el Canal de Minorca.

Extremely strong west and northwesterly winds are already gusting up to 80 kilometres an hour in the flatlands and 120 in mountain areas and could become even stronger as the day unfolds, according to the State Meteorological Agency.

Ibiza is also on alert for howling winds, but they’re likely to calm down this afternoon.

Despite the wind it's mostly sunny and slightly warmer today with daytime highs of 18 in Palma, 17 in Lluc, 15 in Andratx and 19 in sa Pobla and overnight lows of 12 in Artà, 16 in Pollensa, 13 in Santanyi and 14 in Palma.

Aemet is warning people not to walk too close to the sea or the the cliffs and to take extreme precautions when practising sports outside. In an emergency services call 112.

Tuesday will be partly sunny, partly cloudy and warmer during the day with moderate-strong west and northwesterly winds and it will be slightly cooler overnight.

Wednesday will be mostly cloudy with morning mist and fog and moderate-strong southwesterly winds with highs of 20 in Felanitx, 19 in Palma, 18 in Lluc and 23 in sa Pobla. Overnight the mercury will drop to between 7 and 10 degrees.