An inter-annual rise in unemployment of more than 20,000. | Miquel À. Cañellas


Unemployment in the Balearics increased by 36.9% in January. There were 22,486 more people unemployed last month compared with January 2020. The total unemployment figure is 83,341. This doesn't take account of employees on ERTE.

By comparison with December, unemployment fell by 1.1% - 998 fewer unemployed. The latest Labour Force Survey that was released last week and which has a different measurement system to the monthly figures, indicated that at the end of December there was an unemployment rate of 17.3% (109,000 unemployed).

Unemployment nationally rose by 76,216 to almost four million. On average, 218,953 fewer people were signed on with social security. January typically is a bad month for the labour market, but this particular decrease was slightly lower than in 2020. The total number of people in employment is 18,829,480.

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There are 3,964,353 unemployed, while there are also 738,969 on ERTE terms. This figure rose by 35,625 compared with December.