Vaccination across Balearics.

Vaccinations across the Balearics.

04-02-2021FAROOQ KHAN

Five people, who all live in a Montuiri nursing home, have tested positive for Covid-19 eventhough they had received the vaccine.

The Balearic Ministry for Health said this morning that the five had received both vaccine jabs two weeks ago and despite not having any symptons they had all tested postive for Covid-19.

A health department spokesperson said that the main purpose of the vaccine was to reduce the full impact of Covid but they have launched a full investigation.

The Balearic government wants to vaccinate the whole population before the summer.


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Someone / Hace 9 months

The vaccine’s purpose is not to make you immune, it is suppose to make you more resident and thus less contagious for a shorter amount of time. These kinds of headlines are the reason people have doubt in a perfectly good vaccine.


Nigel / Hace 9 months

Which vaccine, why only tell half a story?


David / Hace 9 months

I guess they got infected before creating antibodies. You need at least 1 week after the second jab.


Ashley Reuben / Hace 9 months

I believe you should read this article,

There are two main types of immunity you can achieve with vaccines. One is so-called "effective" immunity, which can prevent a pathogen from causing serious disease, but can't stop it from entering the body or making more copies of itself. The other is "sterilising immunity", which can thwart infections entirely, and even prevent asymptomatic cases. The latter is the aspiration of all vaccine research, but surprisingly rarely achieved


Rich / Hace 9 months

I hope these proposed covid passports are going to be free as it looks like "they aint gunna be worth a carrot'.