The airports authority hasn't cut its rents. | Archive


The minister for the productive sectors and Balearic government vice-president, Juan Pedro Yllanes, has written to the CEO of the Aena airports authority, Maurici Lucena, in asking for a reconsideration of the decision to charge full rent to companies with shops at Balearic airports for 2020.

Yllanes has stressed the support that his ministry has given to the retail sector since the start of the pandemic and the measures adopted by the Spanish government to reduce the costs of small businesses and the self-employed. These have included the reduction or suspension of rents by large owners. Aena, it is noted, is a large owner and is also majority owned by the government (51% shareholding).

The minister argues that Aena should therefore be "the first to adopt and immediately execute all these measures and thus avoid closures, layoffs and commercial evictions". Yllanes is demanding a "rectification" of rent charges for 2020 and a reduction of 50% until September this year. He is also proposing subsidies based on the decrease in air traffic and the different exemptions from payments that were decreed under the state of alarm.