Miguel Cardona.

Miguel Cardona.


He has a Mallorcan name and he has been charged with overseeing the all important U.S. education system. Miguel Cardona´s family tree goes through Puerto Rico to Cuba and then to Mallorca.

Cardona´s ancestors, of Jewish origin, left the island in 1391, to escape persecution. But the link with the island doesn´t stop there; his father came to the island in 2018 as he retraced his family roots.

Who would have thought that a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean would one-day have historic links with the White House!


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Yogi / Hace 12 months

Historic links? Some history for you: (Wikipedia) Also known as The pogroms of 1391, the Massacre of 1391 was a display of antisemitism and violence against Jews in Spain. It was one of the Middle Ages' largest attacks on the Jews, who were ultimately given the choice of converting or leaving Spain in 1492.[1] While the Jews in the Iberian Peninsula at this time were generally disliked, violence against the Jews was common even until the 1400s.[2] However, 1391 marked a peak in the violence against the Jews.[2] Hmm.