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Government spokesperson Pilar Costa said on Monday that consideration will this week be given to making Covid restrictions on retailing more flexible. "Some flexibility is being studied; small, specific measures, especially in Mallorca."

On Tuesday, there are to be talks with employers associations. There is no confirmation as yet, but a first step in relaxing the restrictions is expected to apply to shops of more than 700 square metres in village/town centres. The larger out-of-town and department stores would follow at some point, with shopping malls the last to reopen. At present, any store of more than 700 square metres is closed, with the exception of supermarkets.

Costa stressed that any "de-escalation" will be gradual. The government remains concerned by the high numbers of patients occupying intensive care beds and by the threat posed by the UK variant. Decisions to relax certain restrictions will be made at an extraordinary meeting of the cabinet on Friday (the normal, regular meetings are on Mondays). Whatever is decided will not include Ibiza, where hospital bed occupancy is particularly high, as is the number of deaths.

The government spokesperson noted that the 14-day cumulative incidence of cases per 100,000 in Mallorca has fallen to 191.40. The restrictions, Costa observed, "are working". Nevertheless, "it is essential that we continue to take measures and be as responsible as possible when it comes to individual protection".

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