Shopping centres reopen. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


Shopping Centres have now reopened in Mallorca but only from Monday to Friday and capacity is reduced to 30%.

The 2200-0600 curfew will remain in place throughout the Balearic Islands until March 2.

In Minorca social gatherings are restricted to a maximum of six people and two nuclei of coexistence, whereas in Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera they are limited to a single nucleus of coexistence.

Car park capacity at supermarkets and shopping centres is limited to 50%, if they’re on different floors they must have CO2 meters and they must remain closed at weekends, unless they're considered essential trade.

At theatres, auditoriums, cinemas and circuses in Mallorca capacity has been increased from 30%-50% of the capacity allowed.

Low-intensity sports activities, such as yoga and pilates are allowed at gyms and dance academies with a maximum of 6 participants, who must wear a mask at all times. Capacity is limited to 30% of the maximum allowed and the location must be ventilated.

Covered pools can open but capacity is limited to 20%, with a maximum of two people per lane and 4 square metres of space per person.

Weekly training for team and contact sports has been increased from two to three times a week with no physical contact and 1.5 metre social distancing.

Extracurricular activities are allowed with exceptions for academies, training centres and driving schools. Groups are restricted to six people and capacity is limited to 50%. 14 people will be allowed to attend Professiona Aptitude Courses for drivers.

Nursing Homes

Residents of Nursing Homes or with disabilities may leave the premises by themselves or with a relative, provided they’ve received hygiene and safety training and are able to understand and fulfil the requirements. The resident, legal guardian or family member who’s in charge of caring for the person must sign a responsible declaration confirming that they will comply with the health measures.

If the resident is leaving for more than 72 hours, they must request a Covid-19 screening test and specify their reason for returning to the centre. In these cases the resident will only be able to return when they have a negative result.

Residents will not be allowed to leave Nursing Homes and visitors will not be allowed to enter them, if they are coronavirus positive, have been in close contact with someone who has Covid-19 or have symptoms of the virus.