Intensive care numbers are still high. | Teresa Ayuga


The Balearic health ministry reported just 48 new positive cases of coronavirus on Monday, 22 fewer than on Sunday. There were 611 fewer tests than the number reported on Sunday - 1,714 as opposed to 2,325. The test rate is down to 2.8%. In Mallorca there are 40 new cases and in Ibiza eight; there is less testing on the other islands on Sundays.

Covid-19 graphic of new cases on the Balearic Islands

The number of Covid patients in intensive care units in Mallorca has increased by one to 63, while in Ibiza the number is down by two to 22 and in Minorca by one to four. There are two fewer patients on wards in Mallorca (114). In Ibiza the number has dropped by one to 87 but in Minorca has risen by one to five.

The number of patients discharged from hospital is typically low on Sundays. The report indicates four, while a further 361 people who were being monitored by primary care have recovered. The total number of active cases in the Balearics is down by 273 to 4,179. Primary care in Mallorca is now monitoring 2,144 people, 126 fewer than the Sunday report.

There are, however, six more deaths. The total is now 670.