Heading for the Balearics.

Heading for the Balearics.

22-08-2009ULTIMA HORA

Spain hopes the introduction of vaccination passports combined with pre-travel COVID-19 testing will allow British tourists to return to Spanish destinations this summer, a tourism ministry source said.

"We support the vaccination certificate but not as the only way to recuperate mobility, rather, as one of the means within a portfolio of measures including social distancing, pre-travel tests, mask-wearing," the source said.

The government has no plans to introduce quarantines on foreign visitors, and was also counting on a wider agreement to be hammered out between Europe and Britain to remove restrictions on non-essential travel, the official added.

Over 2020, as global travel was dramatically curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic, foreign tourism to Spain - one of the world's most visited countries - fell 80% to just 19 million visitors, a level not seen since 1969.

The industry's contribution to gross domestic product tumbled to between 4% and 5%, according to estimates from Funcas think-tank analyst Maria Jesus Fernandez, from a 12% share in 2019.


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Geoff / Hace 11 months

Agree with the 2 previously posted comments and also the price of the holidays will have doubled as will prices in resort as company's and businesses try to recoup the losses from the last 12 months of no tourism For people to come back normality needs to return and quickly including no Covid passports no. Mask wearing and no distancing you come on holidays to enjoy yourself not to be caartailed or be cautious


Nigel / Hace 11 months

Sigues sin entenderlo, ¿QUÉ PARTE DE LA GENTE NO PAGA POR LAS PRUEBAS NO ENTIENDES? tienen que ser gratis o la gente no va a reservar.


John Parkinson / Hace 11 months

Would happily pay say£10 for my doctor to stamp my passport to show vaccinated but not £100+ for a test. Travel at least twice per year so maths simply does not add up.


John / Hace 11 months

Totally agree with Martin. A normal family of 4 will not pay the costs of these tests as it adds up to half the cost of the HOLIDAY !


Martin / Hace 11 months

You still don’t get it do you WHAT PART OF PEOPLE WONT PAY FOR TESTS DONT YOU UNDERSTAND they need to be free or people aren’t going to book