Ready for the start of the season.

Ready for the start of the season.

19-02-2021Rachel Fox

Mallorca was warned this morning that Greece could snatch a big share of the British holiday market if Britons are allowed to travel abroad this summer. According to media reports this morning Greece is in talks with the British government over allowing vaccinated Britons to holiday in Greece without the need for restrictions.

A report in the Daily Telegraph suggests that the vaccine passport, which will give the Covid-track record of Britons, could be introduced for this summer.

But there are widespread fears within the Spanish tourist industry that Greece is stealing the march on Spain and the local tourist industry is concerned. Reports that Spain could be added to the British Covid red list has further stalled the holiday process in Spain.

An estimated four million Britons holiday in Spain every year, roughly the same number that come to the Balearics. Spain is pushing for the introduction the vaccine passport but so far nothing has been decided.

The Mallorcan tourist industry has said that everything should be in place to welcome Britons back to the island and they are calling for action from the Spanish authorities.

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Dave / Hace 8 months

I swear Lisa has shares in Pfizer. Bangs on about it all the time. Who cares. She is the female version of Mark Badbore.


Andy / Hace 8 months

Greece for me anyday. Paguera, Santa Ponsa, Magaluf, Arenal, Cala D'or etc.etc. all disgusting places where the best food is a pizza hut or a curryworst.


Mark Badoer / Hace 8 months

I agree with Colin, about the Greek hospitality ccompared to Spain. I go to Greece regularly (for work) and always enjoy being there. But.....the country is truly run down. Bad roads, bad services, bad infrastructure. However, all these sad people that go "all inclusive" are not bothered by that I suppose. What surprises me though is how Greece can be ok to travel too. Regions and towns are colourng more and more red, so why would u want to go there? And how is that OK and not Mallorca or Spain. All political BS. And to all the people reacting here that Mallorca is so bad: why are you reacting here anyway? Write in the Corfu Daily Bulletin. Mallorca is always improving and making things better and more modern, while Greece will remain stuck in the 70's (although for me that doed have it's charm too).


George Hand / Hace 8 months

My negative votes, not that I mind in the slightest, just goes to prove how little expats and U.K. visitors know about Spain, and the Balearics in particular. I would wage the cost of an expensive holiday here betting that less than 5% of them can distinguish between someone from the mainland, someone from the Balearic Islands or someone from South America, generally Argentina, who most probably are the ones who served you at your favourite restaurant.


George Hand / Hace 8 months

The Spanish, generally, do not like the British, in particular the English, ever since the Armada days, and more so since Gibraltar was handed to them. They tolerate us mainly for the money, but would prefer if more Germans came as they admire them fit their eficiency and general good behaviour and culture.


GrahamJ / Hace 8 months

Some of you will have a forgotten this fact as regards this Armengol Goverment.... Bonnie Tyler had a hit song a few years ago


Quite appropriate after due consideration?


Lisa / Hace 8 months

Majorca fan is spot on and I really hope the Government comms department have an eye on MDB for a feel for the views of people who genuinely love this island. This is important and a direct contact with the people who are vital to this island and it’s survival.

A positive story late today was that the regional government have pledged to get vaccinations up to 70 per cent by June. I really hope they can manage this and that it’s not just an empty press release.


Majorca fan / Hace 8 months

As Lisa will conform I have highlighted this trend among U.K. travel companies since late summer last year. Until the vaccine is completed in Majorca and rest of Europe. The normal Majorca experience normalised then the travel trade can resume. The challenges Majorca faces is as Lisa states once loyal customers sample other territories then the loss of regular visitors is challenged and volumes of visits will fall.every company need an edge and advantage Majorca will need to up its game to be a number one destination..


Colin Thompson / Hace 8 months

Ive been to Greece 3 times, the locals are warm and genuinely friendly & speak English. They also know how to serve a meal, starters first, a short pause, then the main. In Mallorca it is often chaos, starters at the same time as mains, even sometimes afterwards, mains mixed up, bill incorrect and ! suddenly they forget how to speak English. Then the taxis ?? what a rip off they are, no wonder most regulars try and get their fiends to do the airport run. £25 to fly UK to Mallorca, £45 taxi from airport to Santa Ponsa, rediculous.


Andrew / Hace 8 months

Most of my friends in their late 30's and 40's have stopped spending their summer holidays in Mallorca as they prefer Turkey and Greece much more. However, they now visit Mallorca for short stints off season for golf, cycling or walking trips or running the Palma marathon in Oct. Mallorca is so easy to get to from the UK that I think the trend towards shorter activity breaks will increase, but the 2 week package holiday in summer to Mallorca will keep declining rapidly.