Juli Fuster, director-general of IB-Salut, and Maria Antonia Font, director-general of Balearic public health. | Govern de les Illes Balears


At a Friday press conference, Balearic health service representatives said that 70% of the islands' population could be vaccinated by June. The logistics are being put in place to enable mass vaccination with up to 80,000 vaccines a week being delivered from mid-March.

The director-general of IB-Salut, Juli Fuster, and the director-general for public health, María Antonia Font, explained that the mass vaccination will be carried out according to age groups and that vaccination centres will have special rooms for people to sit for fifteen minutes after they have received the vaccine in order to check on any possible side effects.

From March 8, teachers and police officers will begin to be vaccinated. One of the mass vaccination sites, the Germans Escales sports centre in Palma, will be activated to assist with this. At Son Dureta, another of the sites, ten vaccination lines will be operating from next week in backing up the vaccination of other professional groups, who include staff working in pharmacies.

Font encouraged people to get vaccinated, saying that the logistics are being prepared "because we know the vaccines will be delivered". IB-Salut will next week activate a phone line for answering questions related to the vaccination plan. When mass vaccination commences, the health service will give appointments to those who have not made appointments via the IB-Salut website.