Beach like weatherin February.

Beach like weather in February: Photograph Catalina Fullana Llabres.


Thank you. We were getting slightly concerned! 85 percent of Bulletin online readers questioned in our survey said that they preferred Mallorca to Greece despite the fact that the Greeks seem to have stolen a march over the Spanish in the race to welcome British tourists this summer.

As our photograph clearly shows the island is enjoying beach-like weather in February with temperatures of 22 degrees Centigrade in some parts.

Spain and Greece will soon be locked in a battle to attract British tourists with the Balearics wanting to introduce the vaccine passport as soon as possible.


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NoGerm. / Hace 11 months

I can easily deal with brits (I am definitely not from UK), but not with arrogant germans. Go home (like they always said to me while I lived in horrible Germany.)


Teslaquila / Hace 11 months

Oh the bloody Brits, taking advantage of the Spanish, and Catalonians. Wish Spanish were more like the Germans. Way too many god darn Brits, and Germans. And MDB is nothing but a fully filled ad filled web site full of crap. At least with dog crap its real dogs, and real crap, and then you have lots of trashy Brits too. The Germans I can deal with, no prob. After all they do have much cultured not borrowed superficial crap. Get lost and go back to grey, cloudy, rainy UK (and I don't include my friends from Scotland or Northern Ireland.... and some major exceptions from Wales)


Pedro / Hace 11 months

People that buy the MDB live in Mallorca so why would they prefer Greece? What is this article trying to say?


Harry / Hace 11 months

Ricky, that’s true all over the world


Ricky / Hace 11 months

Addendum: I’ve been reading other comments here and I think both I (and us) have been wrong to generalize. This morning I tipped my local bar owner 15 cents change for a coffee. He was so thankful that I went back and bought a pack of fags (yes I smoke, go Hate me), and I gave him a 45 Euro tip for a present for his 5 year old daughter. One thing I’ve learned is that the rural people here are far more friendly than the urban lot.


Ricky / Hace 11 months

Really interesting to see a thread with positive comments on Greece v Mallorca which MDB has the courage to publish, at last. If the MDB would persist and pass on comments maybe we could see some changes. Sewage above all. Meanwhile, I can put up with a bit of dog mess in exchange for friendliness. Í´ve had better times in Greek dive bars with friendly locals than in snooty Portals restaurants. Views and beaches are nice, but it´s the people who make your holiday.


James w / Hace 11 months

The Balearic government have not stated whether you will still have to follow restrictions and mandatory masks. Also maybe still needing a PCR test. But from my understanding from Greece you will be free from restrictions.


John / Hace 11 months

Families from the u.k are not too fussy at this moment in time.They just want a break and some normality,and if Mallorca is closed for business,they won't think twice about going somewhere else were it's warm and won't feel guilty about it.


Mark Badoer / Hace 11 months

Julie, yes they do and loads of stray dogs roaming the streets and pestering you in restaurants. Same as cats. Greece is generally MUCH dirtier than Mallorca/Spain as greeks don't care about it, nor is there people cleaning anything, as they rather drink coffee. Yet I love Greece and it's people..... So much more inviting than the Spanish. But, I could never have the business I have here (and the money earned) in Greece. Paul, you do have a point there. As I said, it also has it's charm. Greece reminds me a bit, how Spain/Mallorca was when I arrived here 17 years ago.


Frank / Hace 11 months

Most people who buy the MDB hard cooy are Ex pats living in Mallorca. I am one of those. I know many ex-pats here and we are all confused as to why the MDB constantly pushes for mass tourism here. Apart from a few ex-pats who have businesses here and are self interested, the majority of us want a quieter Mallorca with less tourists. 2020 was bliss without them.