Antoni Jaume & Francisco Perales with a robot at the UIB in Palma.

Antoni Jaume & Francisco Perales with a robot at the UIB in Palma.

22-02-2021A. Costa

Robots are becoming increasingly common in different areas of society and are apparently ready to make the leap from industry into our daily lives.

At the University of the Balearics, the Unit of Graphics, Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence or Ugivia team is working to improve the quality of life of people who are elderly or have special needs.

They’re dedicated to accelerating the development of so-called social robots, which are able to interact with people in care settings and can help to make their lives more enjoyable.

Ugivia researchers are developing new techniques for explainable artificial intelligence and multigenerational video games that allow users to fully exploit the qualities of the robots, so that they can be part of our daily lives and help with specific needs.

Ugivia has signed a framework collaboration agreement with Alisys, to exchange experience and development information and foster synergies between the University and Business environment through joint studies and specialised training programmes. Alysys specialises in the development of software solutions, artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotics and has supplied the UIB with several different robot models to enable Ugivia to test the researchers’ progress.

Two projects

Ugivia's research in the field of social robotics is being carried out within the framework of two research projects.

The first, the Explaining project, aims to design and develop methods and techniques applied to artificial intelligence in the field of health and the aim is that the results will be understood by professionals, such as doctors, physiotherapists, experts in neuro-rehabilitation and lawyers focused on the ethics of these practices. The research team consists of experts in artificial intelligence, law, physiotherapy, neuro-rehabilitation and biology.

The second, the Pergamex project, aims to design gaming experiences for young people and the elderly to help eliminate physical and social boundaries through digital entertainment.

Social Robots can interact with the elderly & people with special needs.


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