British travel on hold.

British travel on hold.


The Spanish government extended its ban on British tourists entering Spain this morning until at least March 16.

Only Spanish citizens and British residents can enter the country as part of restrictions introduced to limit Covid-19.

The ban was first introduced in January. South Africa and Brazil are also on the list.


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John Dougal / Hace 11 months

It's becoming obvious the first half of this tourist season is going to be a write off. I think the best anyone can hope for is some activity from June/July onwards. It will depend on so many factors though so the chance of it happening at all remains low but not impossible. It's the people on the island who's livelihood depends on tourists I feel sorry for. They've already suffered an unimaginable year and another one like that will finish many business's for good. Fingers crossed we can get out of this.


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 11 months

Whatever any other country's rules may be, they don't dictate our policies. We can't have tourists back here until we're all vaccinated, end of. The cost of another skyrocketing of new cases here, and with the island full of tourists, would be far more than anyone could imagine. If our government fails to consider this we are in big trouble here....


Nigel / Hace 11 months

Perhaps the Spanish Government does not keep up to date with events, why ban anyone who is not allowed to travel anyway. Or perhaps the point they are making has a hidden meaning? Like we don't need British Tourists, well I feel they should ask the electorate, as what the MBD says and comments therein do not tally up.


Lisa / Hace 11 months

Yet again - hideous messaging hitting the UK media from Spain.

They just don’t understand how to communicate a message.

Taking safety seriously is a positive message. But this just feels anti-tourist.

Bad call I’d say. Start learning from the Greeks!!!


LV / Hace 11 months

There's no fake news here, E Weldon. Calm down. The headline is correct. You just failed to grasp the difference between being barred from leaving UK and being barred from entering Spain.


steven / Hace 11 months

EWeldon. This isn't fake news. It's factually correct. This is about Spains borders, and entry requirements. Not that the 4 Nations of the UK won't let you leave their country. They are different issues.


Steven / Hace 11 months

@EWeldon - This is factually correct. This is purely about entry requirements INTO Spain, not departure requirements of England\Scotland\Wales\NI.

It isn't fake news.


E Weldon / Hace 11 months

MDB Please get your headlines correct!! This is FAKE NEWS! Brits aren’t allowed to travel till 17th May and Scotland First Minister has said Foreign holidays might not happen this year she will review in June!!