The Tunnel Rock Club. | J. M. Giménez


Palma’s famous Tunnel Rock Club in Plaza Gomila is one of the most popular venues in Mallorca, but thanks to the coronavirus pandemic it’s now hanging by a thread and has launched a GoFundMe page to try to raise enough money to be able to open in the future.

"After nearly 29 years of parties, concerts, friends and drinks, Tunnel has tested positive for Covid and now, after a year of fighting with assisted breathing, it's in the ICU. Help it to recover with a donation and please SHARE!” says the GoFundMe page.

The Tunnel Rock Club has more than 12,000 followers on Facebook, but the venue is now in dire straights.

We've been fulfilling our obligations for a year without any income and knocking on the Administration's doors to try to get aid, but that hasn’t materialised and now we've reached our limit and we need your support to reach our goal to reopen,” they said.

The Tunnel Rock Club.

The money raised via the GoFundMe campaign will be used to pay for things like electricity, rent, water, insurance, city fees, community expenses, taxes and arrears."

The goal is to generate 18,000 euros in order to survive the coronavirus pandemic and reopen as soon as the Covid restrictions are lifted.

Fans of the Tunnel Rock Club can make donations on the GoFundMe page by copying this link:

Donations of 10 euros or more will help get the venue back on its feet and in return donors will be given a 20% discount voucher for drinks, along with sticker with the slogan "I saved the Tunnel" and a mention on the plaque of thanks that will be hung at the venue when it reopens.

Tunnel Rock Club audience.