Son Saura beach in Minorca

Son Saura beach in Minorca.

26-02-2021Josep Bagur

The success of the vaccine roll-out in Britain with almost 19 million Britons vaccinated could mean that Britons may be the first to the beach this summer on Mallorca, Jet2 boss Steve Heapy was quoted as saying.

Chief executive Heapy told Travel Weeklyhe hoped the British government would reinstate its travel corridor policy where the UK and overseas destinations could establish bilateral agreements.

Speaking on a Travel Weekly webcast, Heapy said he was speaking with overseas governments in outbound holiday markets regularly and confirmed that “they all want to get things moving again as soon as possible”.

But the boss of Britain´s second-largest tour operator insisted health had to come first.

“(Governments) are as keen to get people arriving into their countries as we are to go to their countries, but they are waiting to hear from their health ministries and home office equivalents, because safety is the number one priority of their governments also,” said Heapy.

“The good thing is we are the most advanced of any European country on the vaccine, so hopefully we will be the first country to be let in."


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Fred Clifton / Hace 8 months

Whilst I have every sympathy for those who cannot have a Covid vaccine, I can't wait to come to the Balearics to have a long awaited holiday (and to give you money to help your economy recover). Those who cannot have a vaccine will surely not be excluded - but will have to go through the longer process of testing and potential quarantine. This will ensure (as best it can) that there will be no major outbreaks. And as the vaccine rollout gathers pace on the islands, there will be a further line of defence. I CAN'T WAIT - BRING IT ON.......


Peter / Hace 8 months

The Brotish arem't being allowed back because they're vaccinated, it's purely politics, - we wamt you back for the money. Anybody can transmit the virus, and we're not going to be vaccinated in time, so it makes no difference where any tourists come from. The move will almost certainly cause many new cases, yet another lockdown for everyone here, and cause much more damage to our economy in the longer-term.


Steven charles Walton / Hace 8 months

I cant wait for things to get back to normal,so we can visit our family in alicante.