Guardia Civil officer in Mallorca

Photos with number plates have been forwarded to the Guardia Civil.

26-02-2021Javier Cebollada

Residents have denounced illegal car races on road that connects Palma and Calvia. These races are held on sections between Es Coll des Tords, Son Marill, Valldurgent, Coll de sa Creu and Calvia. They take place from eight in the evening until midnight.

The cars have souped-up engines, reach high speeds and make a "deafening" noise. Residents say that the races are very dangerous and that "sooner or later someone will be killed". They are asking for the urgent intervention of police and the Guardia Civil, to whom photos of car number plates have been sent.

It is suspected that there is WhatsApp notification to move races to other locations is police patrols appear.


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Colin Allcars / Hace 8 months

We have all seen and heard these cars, they are easy to find.

If the law enforcement agencies seize and crush a few cars, and the courts ban the drivers for two years, they will soon put a stop to these idiotic activities on our roads.