Spain working on Plan B.

Spain working on Plan B.


Spain is working on a "Plan B" if there is no European Union deal over vaccine passports. According to press reports this morning Spain could consider a so-called "green corridor" for vaccinated British tourists.

European leaders in Brussels hope that a vaccination passport scheme will be open to British travellers in time to save the summer holidays but there are fears that there will be no EU agreement prompting Spain to consider other measures.

Spain’s tourism secretary of state Fernando Valdes told Bloomberg: “Right now we have discussions with our colleagues in the UK.

“For us the British market is our main market. But obviously since we are a member of the European Union, the solutions have first to be part of the discussions in the EU.

“And obviously if that cannot be reached, we will be thinking of other solutions, green corridors with third countries that can help us restart tourism flows.”


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Endonius / Hace 11 months

It is not about stopping the spread of the virus, which sadly is not possible, it is about not overwhelming the health services. If you are vacinated we are led to believe you are much less likely to need hospital treatment. If you do not have a vacine passport you should still be allowed to travel if you have a negative test.


Nigel Stack / Hace 11 months

Surely none of this matters if people have not had the vaccine yet. Will these tourists be held in their hotels for the duration of their stay and taken to and from the airport is sealed convoys.


John Dougal / Hace 11 months

If a vaccine passport is introduced then hundreds of thousands of people, especially families and younger people will be instantly ruled out. Insanity.


Rory / Hace 11 months

I very much agree with Nigel. Besides it is is rather discriminating, which is the whole reason the EU is not in favour of it. Some people cannot be vaccinated or not for a while anyway. So does that mean they have to stay home? Other people do not want to be vaccinated, so are they also banned from having a holiday in Spain? If Spain continues this obsessive behaviour and "go at it alone", the EU should turn off the money tap. That will shut them up.


Trudy / Hace 11 months

A vaccine passport is a complete waste of time! Having a vaccine passport would protect who? The vaccine only protects the individual to a certain percentage in minimising the seriousness of symptoms if they were to contract the virus, that individual can still catch the virus and can be a carrier of the virus. COVID testing prior to travel would make more sense, although testing is not 100% accurate, it would aid in reducing the risks of transmitting the virus to others than a vaccine passport would!


Johnf / Hace 11 months

Vaccine passport is not a good idea what about the ones who can't have a Vaccine jab for one reason or another so will they be able to Taval is that fair to the so get your Vaccine program going more quickly


Jim / Hace 11 months

Not quite sure they need to 'forget' tourists if they implement this! I would welcome such an idea, as would many others. I would far rather share a plane with vaccinated people than than those who have little regard and think that a Covid passport is 'just a piece of paper'. If you object, don't travel to Mallorca . At least thats 2 less people to spread the disease around..


Harry / Hace 11 months

Considering that Spain has only managed to vaccinate a small amount of it’s population, how are they going to guarantee a “green corridor” when people get here and then return to the U.K. ?Wishful thinking as far as I am concerned.


Nigel / Hace 11 months

Why are the Spanish politicians so obsessed with a piece of paper that will have no effect on the covid virus, cause havoc at air and sea ports as the authorities argue about what is or not valid? Where will the Spanish Vaccination passport be obtained from, the Embassy?


Lee Keir / Hace 11 months

Forget anyone coming to you're country if you try and force the vaccine