Police in Sant Jordi, Mallorca. | Laura Becerra


At least 50 young people were sanctioned on Sunday for attending an illegal 3-day-festival at a country house on the Ma-5013 in Sant Jordi, which reportedly started on Friday and was supposed to last until Monday night.

The Police were denied judicial authorisation to enter and evict the participants, so Officers from the Alazán Group, Green Patrol along with Ministry of Tourism Inspectors applied plan 'B'.

Officers took control of the two roundabouts that separate the Ma-5013, from Sant Jordi to s’Aranjassa and searched every vehicle entering or leaving the party. They also put static surveillance points on the access door, had plainclothes policemen hiding in the bushes and the organisers gave up and stopped the festival.

Several partygoers reportedly tried to escape by running across the fields, but were caught. A total of 50 penalties were issued in addition to those for previous days.

The organiser was sanctioned for holding an illegal party, obstructing an inspection and for clandestine activity.

Officers say the organiser had tried to set up another gathering in a chalet on the old road to Sineu in December 2020. When Police arrived at that party, several people started jumping across the roofs to try to escape.

The entrance fee for the 3-day festival was 15 euros which the organiser apparently used to buy access bracelets for guests. The organisers also set up a transfer system and told everyone to go to a meeting point in an open field where they were picked up and taken to the festival.

The parties are usually organised via Instagram, then private messages are sent out with the location details and the profile and all the messages disappear on the day of the party.