Delivery riders' protest in Palma. | ATIENZA


Some fifty delivery riders have again staged a protest in Palma against legislation which would mean that they have to become salaried employees. They want the so-called 'Rider Law' to include the option of being self-employed.

The motorised protest went from the Plaça Espanya to the offices of the national government delegation. Messages on banners included "Don't take away my freedom".

A spokesperson, Mercedes Echegaray, said that they had returned to the streets as the national ministry of employment continues not to listen to their proposals or to understand how they operate. The ministry has not recognised the guild of riders and involved it in the "social dialogue table".

She added that being a salaried employee would mean only being able to work according to companies' hours and under conditions which would be imposed. Employment would be "precarious" and never be more than thirty hours a week. Another rider, Luis Sicilia, said that the minister believes that the law will benefit them but that it won't be like this. As a salaried employee, they would be on contracts for 20 to 25 hours a week and some 700 euros per month.

There were simultaneous protests in various other Spanish cities.