Like so many other aspects of tourism, coach transfers have been affected. | Pilar Pellicer

The Balearic transport minister, Josep Marí, has announced an aid package of almost three million euros for the transport sector that is linked to tourism. He said that the non-refundable direct aid is to compensate for loss of income due to the fall in demand.

The aid is divided into four categories: coach operators and holders of VTC (vehicles with drivers) licences; taxi drivers; goods' distributors; and car rental. Respectively, the aid will amount to 1.6 million euros; 650,000 euros; 450,000 euros; and 250,000 euros. Mallorca will receive the bulk of the aid - 2.2 million euros. Mari didn't state when the aid will be available but explained that the processing of requests will be as "speedy as possible".

The aid could benefit some 100 coach operators and 2,300 taxi drivers. In the case of the latter, it remains to be determined whether those who have already received aid as self-employed will qualify.

Responding to the announcement, the president of the Balearic Transport Federation, Rafael Roig, said that the aid was "a first step" in supporting the sector as it wasn't enough. He was critical of the fact that town halls have not reduced road taxes and called for ERTE to be extended to 2022 and for there to be distribution of European funds to the transport sector.

The president of the Independent Taxi Federation, Biel Moragues, observed that individual amounts will not be great but that any help "is always welcome". Taxi activity in some areas, he noted, has fallen by 90%.