Vaccination at Son Dureta. | Pere Bota

The director-general of public health, Maria Antonia Font, said on Friday that the rate of vaccination in the Balearics has accelerated to some 3,000 doses per day. She asked for the public's "patience", as the entire population will be vaccinated.

The director of the health assistance service, Eugénia Carandell, added that in order to increase the number of people being immunised, there will now be a "zero vaccines in the fridge" policy. "We have to use everything that is sent to us."

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Until now, doses have been held back in case shipments don't arrive and to make sure that people can get the two doses, but Carandell stressed that "we have to be more ambitious and more aggressive in order to protect more people".

Font explained that 80,214 doses had been administered and almost 25,000 people vaccinated twice. Vaccination "is progressing according to forecasts", although she accepted that the process is subject to limitations in the number of doses being delivered.

From April, however, "the scenario will be totally different", as the national ministry of health has said that supplies will increase.