Councill of Majorca comes to Alcudia. | Andrew Ede


Last Tuesday, the Council of Mallorca descended on Alcudia. This was the tourism part of the Council. The tourism and sports councillor, Andreu Serra, was there, as was his department’s technical secretary, Alcudia’s former tourism councillor, Joan Gaspar Vallori. The president of the Council, Catalina Cladera, headed the entourage.

There was a meeting with the Alcudia tourism advisory council, which consists of all political parties with town hall representation, the hoteliers association, the restaurants association and Alcudiamar, to name but a few.

Cladera said that work the Council has been doing over the past few months will make Mallorca a first-class, safe, sustainable and quality destination for when the tourist markets reopen.

Serra said that the Council’s three main lines of work are “security, sustainability and tourism intelligence”. The goal is to “capture demand”, especially now that “tourism trends have changed”. This is a key moment, he added,“ to adapt our offer to what our markets demand”.

With these objectives in mind, he gave details of the strategic plan that is being developed, highlighting the likes of promotion through social media.

There was some explanation of the financial support to municipalities from the Council for reactivation of sectors most affected by Covid, such as hospitality. And it is this, I would suggest and despite all the grand words about plans, that the local tourism industry is most interested in right now.

Future plans are fine, absolutely they are, but there needs to be some assurance for local businesses that they will still be around to be part of the future - #SOSTurismo.