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The coronavirus contagion curve in the Balearic Islands is beginning to stabilise after a few weeks of decline, according to the Director General of Public Health & Participation, María Antonia Font.

Font said the decline in the accumulated incidence rate in the Balearic Islands is slowing down.

"The curve is stabilising and the descent is no longer so obvious," she said.

The basic reproductive number gives us an idea what ​​infections will be like in coming days," she explained. "If it is above 1 it implies that each infected person has passed on the disease to more than one person."

The rate is 0.90 in the Balearic Islands; 0.68 in Ibiza, 0.97 in Mallorca and around 1 in Minorca and Formentera.

On Friday, for the second day in a row, the Balearic Islands had less than 2,000 active Covid-19 cases, compared to February 19, when there were 3,691 active coronavirus cases. The last time infections were this low was in September 2020 when 1,974 cases were diagnosed.

Despite the fact that some of the population has been vaccinated, the Health authorities have again called for "responsibility" and "caution" to prevent a resurgence of cases.

"We want the numbers to go down more," said Font. "We need to be able to strike a balance between relaxing EU measures and getting back to economic activity, but there can be no relaxation in individual protection measures.”

She added that specialists are monitoring "the curve" and its evolution in the Balearic Islands and warned that there are some countries "with very restrictive measures and lower cumulative incidence rates."

From March 1-5, the Balearic Islands reported between 38 and 50 new infections a day.

The cumulative incidence rate in the last 14 days is now at the orange level of risk, which is very good and there’s almost no red colour on any of the Islands,” said Font.

The Balearic Islands had a cumulative incidence rate of 71.6 per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days on Friday.

By Islands, Mallorca had an IA14 of 69.9 on Friday; Minorca was 6.42; Formentera was 16.51 and Ibiza was 98.71.

The decline in infections has also relieved hospital pressure with 40 Covid patients now in the Intensive Care Units, according to IB-Salut data.