A vet's X-ray of a cat shot with two pellets. | J. Jiménez

The Guardia Civil's Seprona division are investigating a number of suspects in connection with the shooting of cats in Cala Murada, Manacor.

The shootings were first reported in October 2019 by the Fundación Natura Mallorca, an organisation that looks after cats. The report was made to the court of instruction in Manacor. The case was shelved, but the shooting continued. Towards the end of January this year, a vet saved the life of another cat which had been shot. At least 50 cats have either been injured or killed since 2019. The number could be many more, as the figure relates to cases dealt with by vets.

The foundation hired private detectives. The results of their investigations have been forwarded to Seprona, who have a list of suspects. The cats have been shot with a pellet rifle, sometimes from a considerable distance, which will have required the use of a telescopic sight.