Santanyí City Council has declared war on pigeons. | NINE NETWORK - via REUTERS - X80

Santanyí City Council has declared war on pigeons and is taking action to catch the birds and stop them defecating on streets, plazas and heritage buildings.

"These wild pigeons are roosting in abandoned houses and we hope to end their overpopulation by putting cages on the roofs of several houses and the church," says Damià Obrador. “Around 100 birds have been caught in different parts of Santanyí, Calonge, s’Alqueria Blanca and Llombards this month.”

The birds that are trapped in the cages are collected by Natura Parc.

Pigeon cage on church roof, Santanyi, Mallorca.

It’s important to remove them because they contaminate the rainwater collected on roofs,” adds Obrador.

He says the cages will be kept in place until the pigeons are caught and urged those who own empty houses in Santanyi to allow boxes to be placed on the roof of their buildings.