Tourism Councillor, Colau Bordal in Paseo Cristòfol Colom, Cala Millor. | Ultima Hora


Sant Llorenç City Council is investing around 4 million euros in a number of projects in coastal areas, including the renovation of Paseo Cristòfol Colom in Cala Millor.

It’s one of our most important projects, because it’s a central commercial, pedestrian, hotel and service point and these reforms will revitalise and modernise the area and give it an image of security,” said Tourism Councillor, Colau Bordal

The idea is to create an attractive promenade that will become a civic, cultural, recreational and leisure centre, but questions have already been raised about the conservation of the existing palm trees and pergolas that make it unique.


“In these worrying times and in the face of the upcoming tourist season this modern and sustainable project will help maintain existing trees and add new energy technologies,” insists Bordal.

Paseo Cristòfol Colom has become the main commercial axis in Cala Millor with tons of stores, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants.

A pavement designed by Catalan artist Javier Mariscal and sculptures by local artist Guillem Nadal will turn the promenade into an outdoor exhibition.

The promenade was last renovated in 1989 and the City Council says that after almost 30 years, comprehensive reforms are necessary.