Just 39 cases last week. | Archive

Last week, there were 39 positive cases of coronavirus among schoolchildren in the Balearics and no cases among teachers. This was the second consecutive week when there were no cases among teachers, while the 39 cases among pupils represented the lowest number since the school year began in September.

A peak of infection was reached in the week January 11 to 15 - 622 students and thirteen teachers. The maximum number of quarantine groups, 74, was the following week.

Over the past week (March 1 to 5), three quarantine groups were established; these were in Mallorca. Of the 39 cases, 36 were in Mallorca and three were in Ibiza.

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As of Friday last week, 3,832 teachers from infant schools and special needs schools had been vaccinated, plus three who had been vaccinated twice. There are 6,393 teachers in all. Of teachers in primary and secondary schools, 2,606 of the 16,147 had received the first dose and eight two doses.