Hipotelss, Playa de Palma Palace, Mallorca. | Pere Bota


The German Government plans to lift restrictions on flying to Mallorca from this Friday, March 12.

The vast improvement in epidemiological figures in recent weeks have made the Island one of the safest destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Germany’s restrictions were supposed to be binned last week, but the Government decided to wait and see if contagion continued to decline for another 7 days, which it did.

Hoteliers and Tour Operators say demand for travel to Mallorca in Germany is steadily growing.

Since March 1 there have been more reservations than cancellations for the summer season on the island," they said.

German tourism companies anticipate that the recovery will begin after Easter or in late summer,” said German Tourism Association President, Norbert Fiebig. “It would be a success for the Sector to invoice half of what it made in 2019.”

Airlines & Vaccination

“From March 26-27, Eurowings, Condor, TUI Fly and other European airlines operating in the German market will get their flight schedules with Mallorca underway, because the low levels of contagion in the Balearic Islands and the controls adopted by the Balearic Government are boosting demand,” according to Tour Operators TUI, DER Touristik, Alltours, FTI and Schauinsland Reisen.

TUI Fly will begin its summer operations with the Island on March 27, which is the date hotel chains in the main tourist areas of Platja de Palma, Alcudia, Platja de Muro and Cala Millor will start opening up for the season.

Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca President, Maria Frontera said TUI's commitment to Mallorca is a positive sign, but called for faster immunisation and antigen tests instead of PCRs.

It’s vital that the vaccination campaign is accelerated from April, because that will guarantee us the season,” she said. "TUI's optimistic forecasts are positive, but reservations have to be confirmed to consolidate the opening of hotels.”

Tour Operators are concerned about the slow pace of the vaccination programme which they say could make or break the summer season.

"The most important thing is to have a vaccination plan to get out of this pandemic,” said FEBT President, Rafael Roig,

The vaccination plans are essential and they must be speeded up,” said Aviba President, Francesc Mulet.

Alltours owner, Willi Verhuven called for "tough measures on the part of the Government to ensure a good summer tourist season.”